at the Landmark Dedication Ceremony

The Landmark dedication ceremony and reception (Nov 2001) could not have taken place without the volunteer efforts of many people.

The following individuals deserve special thanks:

Bill Krattinger wrote the brilliant Landmark proposal and challenged local citizens to demonstrate community support.

Carla Decker accepted the challenge by gathering a dedicated group of volunteers to form the Dutch Reformed Church Restoration Committee.

Elizabeth McKean tirelessly mobilized grant applications, city engineers, contractors, the dedication ceremony, and the rest of us.
Celebration Committee
Elaine Alexrod, Chair
Maureen Belden
Marge Bell
Carla Decker
Lillie Howard
Karen Heroy
Beth Lanzoni
Susan Maloney
Gail Schweizer
Ushers & Greeters
Nancy Billman
Christina & Victoria Billman
Mark Carnes
Tom Hughes (in costume)
Susan Maloney
Elizabeth McKean
Mary McTamaney
Keith Nieto
Chuck Thomas
Publications Committee
John Lonczak, Chair
Peter Billman
Jim Hoekema
Grounds Committee
Peter Billman, Chair
Chuck Thomas
Tom Hughes
Architect Selection
Elizabeth McKean
Al Favata
Ed Weber
Peter & Nancy Billman
John Lonczak
Invitation & Program
John Lonczak
Banner Design
John Lonczak
Brochure & Web Site
Jim Hoekema
DRC By-Laws Committee
Al Favata, Chair
Tom Hughes
Marilyn Berson
City of Newburgh Liaison
Elizabeth McKean
Ed Weber
Bonnie Clemmer
DRC Restoration Committee
Jim Hoekema, President
Carla Decker, Past President
John Lonczak, Vice President
Nancy Billman, Secretary
John McCormick, Treasurer
Newburgh Preservation Association
Pat Favata, President
Rev. Carlos Lantis, Past President
Jim Hoekema, Vice President
Nancy Billman, Secretary
John McCormick, Treasurer