Restoration Progress

  The following is list of recent milestones in the effort to restore the former Dutch Reformed Church, with links to pages with more detailed information.

2009   In 2009, new concrete piers were installed to support the main wood girders under the sanctuary; concrete slabs were added to support the west wall; and drainage was improved to prevent water from further undermining the wall. Footings previously left exposed were given structural fill, and the basement was graded. The goal of this work was to protect the footings from damage in a hard winter, and to provide sufficient support to allow an audience to sit in the pews and performers to use the stage for performances.  
2008   (a) Basement stabilization phase 2 completed, (b) retaining wall on the west side of the building reconstructed, and (c) west areaway slab replaced.  
2007   Electrical system upgraded. Exterior lightning system installed.  
2006   All Columns Restored. The shafts of all four 38-foot columns of the DRC were restored by Polonia Restoration together with Chris Yeagley of All-Around Home Improvement to restore the two remaining columns, with additional help from Minnow Associates.  
2005   First Column Restoration. Polonia Restoration restored the shaft on one column, offer a first glimpse of what the restored structure might be.  
  First Window/First Column Restoration. In the summer of 2004, the National Park Service (a) restored one window of the DRC to the way it looked in the 1860s, (b) built new foundation supports in the basement and (c) re-installed the front doors. The NPS also prepared detailed specifications for the restoration a first column, to be carried out by Polonia Architectural Restoration.

  West foundation wall stabilized & drainage repaired.

  • NPA commisions Historic Structure Report.

• City commissions archaeology study. National Park Service approves it.

• NPA receives Preserve New York Grant.


• Restoration Committee interviews four restoration architecture firms.

• August: DRC designated a National Historic Landmark (August)

• Restoration Committee part of Newburgh Preservation Association (October).

Landmark Dedication Ceremony (November).

  "Save America's Treasures" grant of $125,802 awarded by Dept of Interior to the Hudson Valley Greenway for the restoration of the DRC.

  Updated: July 7, 2012