Later History


William Krattinger (OPRHP)
with a DRC Ionic capital

1967 • DRC is vacated by the congregation.
• City Historian Helen Gearn urges preservation.
1968 • Architect Raymond Ruge drafts feasibility study.
• DRC featured in 4-block "Palatine Square" proposal.
1969 City claims church as part of Urban Renewal parcel.
1970 • Urban Renewal Agency purchases DRC for $96,000.
• Historical Society & "Newburgh Now" work to save the building.
• Orange County plans to purchase church as part of "Courhouse Plaza."
1971 • Placed on National Register of Historic Places.
• Incorporated in proposed "Courthouse Plaza" plan.
• Investigated by Hudson Valley Philharmonic.
1973 • NY State designates Newburgh Historic District.
• Greater Newburgh Arts Council works to save church.
1974 • HUD orders church sold (for $7,000) or razed.
• Bought by City from Urban Renewal Agency.
1977 Sold conditionally to Hudson Valley Freedom Theater (HVFT).
1981 National Park Service repairs DRC roof.
1984 City reclaims title after default on contract by HVFT.
1985 • NY State enlarges Historic District to include the DRC.
• DRC column capitals, other decorative features removed by NPS.
1990 City & Council on the Arts apply for EQBA grant.
1994 • City Historian Kevin Barrett urges preservation.
• "Committee for the Restoration & Utilization of the AJ Davis Classical Temple" formed.
1996 Newburgh Council on the Arts renews efforts.
1998 • Visit by First Lady Hillary Clinton.
• DRC receives "Save America's Treasures" grant.
2000 • W. Krattinger of NYSOPRHP writes National Historic Landmark application.
• DRC Restoration Committee formed by Carla Decker.
2001 • Restoration Committee made part of Newburgh Preservation Association.
• NPA & City select Mesick Cohen Wilson Baker Architects.
• DRC named a "National Historic Landmark"
2002 • NPA awarded "Preserve New York" grant from the Preservation League and the NYS Council of the Arts.
2003 Historic Structure Report delivered.
• DRC west foundation wall and drainage system repaired & restored.
2004 • Picket fence painted in Tom Sawyer party
2005 • Dutch Reformed Church named to world's 100 Most Endangered Sites by the World Monument Fund
2007 • Night lighting system installed on grounds.
2009 • WMF sponsors Field School for high school students.
2009 • Major portion of the ceiling collapses.