Early History

1834 Rev. William Cruickshank sent from NYC to start new church.
1835 Design completed by A.J. Davis & cornerstone laid. Davis declares:
"The gigantic portico, and lofty dome…will henceforth serve as a conspicuous and characteristic landmark, indicative of the taste, discrimination, and sense of classical beauty, of the inhabitants of Newburgh."
1837 Dedicated in December.
1839 Building mortgaged to pay for construction.
1843 Dome and lantern removed.
1852 Parsonage built on SE corner of property.
1859 Congregation paid off mortgage and regained title.
1860 Pastor's study, recessed pulpit erected. Interior redecorated (including stenciled Greek motifs visible today under later paint).
1868 Church enlarged 20 feet to the north, with transepts, designed by George Harney. Organ installed. Church had 290 members.
1882 Church had 400 members; finally retired its debt.
1884 New roof on church.
1894 New organ, new pulpit installed in front of church.
1906 Church re-decorated. Some electric lights installed.
1907 New roof installed. Cushions, rugs, carpets renewed.
1909 Iron fence installed (funded by City's use of lawn for Hudson-Fulton Celebration.)
1910 Portico wood floor replaced by cement.
1920 Electric chandeliers replace gas.
1948 Change from steam heat to oil furnace. Roof twice damaged by storms. Exterior wood & masonry repairs.
1950 Tin roof blown off by hurricane (November).
1952 Exterior painted. PA system, telephone installed.
1964 Congregation purchases land & plans move to suburban location.
1967 Last services in church.