Capital Region Preservation Network

    Visits the Dutch Reformed Church on July 24, 2004, to celebrate the
201st Birthday of Architect A. J. Davis


The Captial Region Preservation Network is a group of preservation professionals with ties to New York's capital region, the state preservation offices in Albany and Peebles Island, and the preservation programs at RPI (Troy) as well as Cornell (Ithaca).

This impressive passel of preservationists visited the Dutch Reformed Church on August 24, 2004, to help celebrate the 201st birthday of architect A. J. Davis.

Thanks for your support, good cheer, and encouragement!

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Members of the Capital Region Preservation Network (left to right): Bill Prehoda, Jack Alvarez, Janet Briot, Karen Folger, John Folger, Kim Konrad Alvarez, Melissa Thompson, Greg Donofrio, Erin Coryell, Andrew Fearon,
and Andrea Cakars.

"Thank you so much for the warm welcome to Newburgh and the Dutch Reformed Church. We hope that your preservation efforts go successfully and that this amazing vestige of American architectural history will remain for future generations."
— Capital Region Preservation Network

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