A Visit by Friends of the World Monuments Fund


Sunday, July 1, 2007




WMF group visits the DRC

As the penultimate stop on their 3-day tour of the Hudson Valley, a group of friends of the World Monuments Fund visited on the Dutch Reformed Church on Sunday, July 1, 2007. On previous days the itinerary included the Shaker village of New Lebanon, Frederick Church's home at Olana, the studio of Ellsworth Kelly, and Wilderstein. At the DRC they were joined by WMF president Bonnie Burnham (above, center).

Mayor talks on porch of DRC

Mayor Nick Valentine addresses the visitors on the porch of the DRC. Also representing the City were City Manager Jean-Ann McGrane and City Council members George Bowles and Regina Angelo.

WMF visitors & City officials

(L-R) City Manager Jean-Ann McGrane, Councilwoman Regina Angelo, Councilman George Bowles, visitor Susan Stockel, World Monuments Fund president Bonnie Burnham, Mayor Nick Valentine, NPA board member Jim Hoekema, and visitors Karin Fielding and Suzanne Booth.